Weekly Roundup – January 13th

What I’m reading, watching, enjoying this week.

  1. We are sending kids the wrong message about adulthood
    • These days it feels like we shift our young people ever so gradually and tenderly toward adulthood that they can barely feel themselves doing it. There are books everywhere teaching children how to become adults, or telling us to teach them how to do it. It never dawned on me that I would need to learn to teach my child to become an adult. Doesn’t it just happen naturally at some point?
  2. Chasing white rainbows
    • Moonbows – pale white rainbows that appear on bright moonlight nights – may sound like science fiction, but they’re real. They’re also rare.
  3. Why are there so many people in jail in Scranton, PA?
    • Once a booming center of iron and steel production, the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania has tried to reinvent itself as a tourist destination, and has struggled to keep from falling into municipal bankruptcy in the face of de-industrialization…Like most other small, blue-collar cities in the Rust Belt, Scranton has experienced continued economic ups and downs—and skyrocketing incarceration rates.
  4. The surprisingly cutthroat race to build the fastest elevator
    • China is experiencing an elevator boom. Over the past decade, the vast majority of elevators installed around the world have been placed in China, where rapid urbanization has met with a desire for ambitious “super-tall” skyscrapers. It has been estimated that by 2020, 40 percent of all elevators will be in China.And when it comes to speed, the rest of the world can’t keep up.
  5. The detective of Northern oddities
    • Burek often spends her days cutting up the wildest, largest, smallest, most charis­matic, and most ferocious creatures in Alaska, looking for what killed them. She’s been on the job for more than 20 years, self-­employed and working with just about every organization that oversees wildlife in ­Alaska.
  6. From Quartz, kids born in 2017 will never drive a car
    • His forecast, which he shared in a December interview with The San Diego Union-Tribune, is rooted in signs that the auto industry is racing toward a driverless future. “Autonomous, driverless cars are 10, 15 years out,” he said. “All the automotive companies—Daimler, GM, Ford—are saying that within five years they will have autonomous, driverless cars on the road.”
  7. Favorite sports moments of 2016
  8. Colo, Oldest gorilla in US turns 60
  9. Surfer takes on one of the biggest waves we’ve every seen